Final Preparations for 2019 Camp

From Rob W

Hello Happy Campers!

Just a quick message to remind everyone to bring their pipes, practice chanter, music, recorder and camera and Highland dress and all creature comforts to camp on Sunday. And don’t forget and apple for teacher(s)! 

We have a small camp of nine piping students but that means more time for each of you. We’ll be working from my books and I’ll bring some for those who don’t already have them. 

Try to get to Adelynrood anytime between 2 and 4pm on Sunday afternoon and we’ll meet and greet then supper and then a quick audition. 

I think we’ll spend the first evening listening to pipes and getting them into shape and then have a bit of a ceilidh with classes proper starting Monday morning after breakfast. 

We’ll have a piobaireachd class at 3pm each day and band practice at 4pm. I really would like us to work up as a group on my tune ‘Farewell to New England’ so I’ll get some photocopies printed. 

Evenings will be a short lecture at 7pm and then our ceilidh. I hope you will all be able to play each evening individually or as a group. It makes such a difference when everyone contributes and we all work together.

We’ll eat off campus on the Wednesday and have our pub night thereafter in downtown Newburyport or somewhere else if anyone has any suggestions.

I’ve probably forgotten lots but nothing that we can’t sort out later. See you Sunday.

Author: Editor

Robert Wallace is an award winning piper, writer and journalist.

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