Thank You to the Class of ’18

Well that’s us for another year, writes the Principal. A super week of great friendship and music at Adelynrood. As I said in my report for Piping Press we were small but perfectly formed. I want to thank my fellow instructors Tommy and Matt (pictured with me above) for their never ending dedication to the cause and to the students who made it such a great week, in particular Bruce Beavis who did so much on the finance side of things – and ran us to the airport. Thanks to you Bruce!

Thanks too to the wonderful staff at Adelynrood. The food was exceptional and it was gratifying to be able to repay them in part with our little concert on the last night.

Congratulations to all the students for your efforts and what is doubly commendable is the willingness to improve your playing. Too many pipers (and drummers) are happy to languish in the ‘Paddy’s Day Parade’ mode. By that I mean they are quite happy to make a reasonable go of the tunes needed for that day but are not prepared to take their piping or drumming any further. Not at NEPADA where everyone is committed to improvement and we are happy to help.

We have the dates for next year and we will be keeping the fees as reasonable as possible. But there will be no compromise either on the world class tuition nor on the food and accommodation NEPADA has its standards to uphold!

See everyone next June.



Author: Editor

Robert Wallace is an award winning piper, writer and journalist.

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