Message and Tune from Principal

rwHi everyone, just a final message before Sunday’s camp and a wee tune that maybe we can learn for Massed Bands.

Don’t forget your pipes, kilt, chanter, drums, sticks, pads music etc. I think we will have more time for one to ones this year so have a think about any special piece you’d like to learn and Matt and I will be more than happy to go over it with you. It may be a march you’ve always liked, maybe a piobaireachd. Give it some thought and bring along the relevant music.

Talking of which, here is my wee tune Farewell to New England which has been in the head for a while in various guises. Thanks to Stephanie for reminding me! I hope we can learn it next week and play as a band:Farewell to New England copy

Students may like to download and print off the PDF too.

Farewell to New England copy

As an exercise I’ll be asking for a harmony part from anyone who fancies having a go at writing one. See you all on Sunday and safe travels.

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Author: Editor

Robert Wallace is an award winning piper, writer and journalist.

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