New Ts for NEPADA!

Thanks to Brigid for organising the t-shirts for this year’s camp. I think they look pretty smart. They will be available in different colours and sizes and thanks to Brigid for taking the trouble.

NEPADA t shirt pic

The instructors are getting all geared up for next month and we are ready to go. We will again be sponsored by D Naill & Co who will be offering a practice chanter to the most promising piping student. We will also have Eezidrones drone reeds available a very special price for NEPADA students only.

If you are coming to the school please remember to bring your instruments Highland dress and music, plus camera, recorder and all other creature comforts you might need……and please bring a friend too! Wee need to keep numbers up if the camp is to survive in its present beautiful location.

A big thanks to the two Bruces and Cricket for the work and time the have invested in NEPDA ’18. We’ll be speaking soon via SKYPE just to finalise arrangements.

I want to do a fair bit of one-to-one tuition this camp so we will make sure things are tailored to that end. Drop me a line at if there is anything about the camp you’d like to discuss. Always open to suggestions but remember central to what we do will be excellence of teaching and true friendship. new england slide 5 2017


Author: Editor

Robert Wallace is an award winning piper, writer and journalist.

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