New England Pipe & Drum Academy

2019 Summer Camp: June 16-21, Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center

NEPADA logo with textWorld-class, professional instruction for bagpiping and drumming in an affordable and enjoyable summer school setting for students from beginner to experienced. Please also visit our Facebook Page for current updates and conversation. Register here.

Testimonial from student Brigid Flannery, Connecticut: ‘Once again at the end of NEPADA piping and drumming camp, I am invigorated by the intense piping, the new skills learned, and progress made. I come away with a fresh excitement for bettering my craft, knowing that I have the support of the fine instructors at New England Pipe & Drum Academy.

Students Cricket Cooper and Brigid Flannery

‘Beyond the music I also prize the connections and camaraderie with other pipers and drummers built over the week. I learned a good deal from other students and came to rely on their help. The unique set-up of this school being a retreat-like immersion is the key to its success. Next year’s camp is already on my calendar.’

Three tutor pic copy

A better way to learn


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